Marieva Healthcare is a family business which was created with much love and compassion for helping people to liberate from addiction, psychological or emotional disorders and related issues.

My name is Kalliroe, I am a pharmacologist and I am the CEO of Marieva Healthcare. I am working on a 24/7 daily basis which makes a difference from all others. I would like to invite you to our world of health and happiness, travelling together to this challenging journey.

Our team is highly educated with a long experience in each field (psychatrists, pathologists, gynecologists etc.). Depending on the specific needs of every client we provide special medical team, together with alternative therapies.

Each client is treated as a family member being on his/her side all the time, in both good and bad moments.

In this trip we are travelling together helping you to detox and return to normal life stronger and healthier!

Each client reminds me of my daughter, Marieva, who after her treatment, is now healthy and able to enjoy every moment. Please let me show you the way to health and happiness!

Our rehabilitation program involves a detox, intensive coaching assistance combined with alternative body – centered therapies

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    Questions & Answers about Marieva Healthcare

    We can guarantee that during your time with us, and by following our medical advice and guidelines, you will undergo effective treatment and achieve sobriety through our methods. However, the duration of your continued success after leaving our facility depends on your personal determination and commitment to following everything. The longer you stay with us, the greater your chances of maintaining your cleanliness, receiving effective treatment, and building strength.
    We will stand by your side for as long as you need us.

    Athens, Greece, Glyfada

    The duration of treatment varies according to individual client needs and recommendations from our medical team.

    Yes, Marieva Healthcare provides detoxification services.

    You have the option of staying at the Marieva Healthcare residence, which is included in the fees. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a hotel, with which we cooperate and we will provide guidance and coordination. This would incur an additional cost based on your preference. Another option is to stay in an Airbnb apartment, in which case you
    would handle the payment.

    Yes, you can travel for work reasons, but it is required that you have either a shadow or a therapist accompanying you at all times.

    If you choose to stay in our residence, unfortunately, this isn’t possible. However, if you choose to stay in a hotel you are allowed to bring a family member or a friend with you.
    We advise against bringing them along, during the first week of your treatment.

    The suitability of home detox varies based on the individual’s circumstances.
    Considering potential withdrawal symptoms and for your overall safety, we generally do
    not recommend home detox.

    At Marieva Healthcare, our medical team provides a range of treatments including medication and holistic approaches.
    Everything depends on the client’s needs and is discussed with the medical team.

    We do offer online treatment services, but these are available after completing the detox program at our center

    Yes, we collaborate with our medical team and external hospitals to provide treatments for various conditions such as infertility, plastic surgery, and dental procedures.

    Marieva Healthcare strongly recommends regular check-ups and revisiting us for follow- up appointments to ensure your well-being. Whenever you feel uncertain or insecure, please remember that you can reach out to us any time.