Julia – 5 stars 2020 (30 days) • Reviewed June 14th, 2021

Former Client – Greece
Anxiety | Depression

My experience at Marieva Healthcare was one of a lifetime. I reached Marieva Healthcare because I had depression and anxiety disorder, which made me feel powerless, extremely sensible and pessimistic about my future. The CEO, Fragkou Kallirroe with her professional team surrounded me with love and affection. Following the right and personalized treatment for my condition, I began to feel strong and confident again. Kallirroe Fragkou is a very supporting and trustworthy professional with strong scientific studies and knowledge that approaches every person in a unique manner, that makes you feel unique. Marieva Healthcare is in a peaceful and cosy location, with a magnificent view, which relaxes you. Each treatment is personalised for your special condition. The food is delicious and tailored to your nutritional habits and needs. Completing my treatment and leaving Marieva Healthcare, I felt strong enough to continue my present life and to imagine my bright future with my family.

Touni – 5 stars 2022 (30 days) • Reviewed August 9th, 2022

Loved One of a Former Client – Greece

I am a young man from Syria and I live in Athens. I have a family and two children. I have been involved in drugs (cocaine) for about two years and I have made many attempts to quit drugs because it started destroying my life and my family by following up on many doctors and specialists, but to no avail, until one of those close to me told me about the Marieva Center under the supervision of Ms. Caleroy, and indeed I went to the center, and from the moment I arrived, I was suspicious of hope. The staff and Ms. Caleroy were very kind and took my decision to enter the center. I noticed a big difference after only a few days because of the wonderful attention from Ms. Caleroy and her staff. I felt that I was in my home and among my family because of the dedication to work and the medical and psychological follow-up and high luxury and indeed after one month I was able to quit cocaine completely, thanks to Mrs. Caleroy and her dedicated staff, and I did not feel that I was in a sanatorium. There were many activities, trips and high interest. After I left the center, Ms. Claroy kept in constant and daily contact with me by phone and in weekly meetings to check on the stability of my situation. Indeed, Ms. Claroy has brought me back to my normal life and my family. All thanks and appreciation for Marieva Center and for all the staff under the supervision of Ms. Caleroy. All words of thanks and appreciation do not express how much I thank this wonderful staff.

Anonymous – 5 stars 2022 (30 days) • Reviewed August 9th, 2022

Anonymous – Dubai
Cocaine | Marijuana | Opioids | Prescription Drugs | Anxiety | Depression

If you’re reading this then you’re probably be suffering with some sort of an issue (mental, drugs depression etc) that needs to be resolved. I had a drug issue and was very hesitant at first in joining a rehab center since where I live people usually have a stigma and a bad image of rehab centers.However, this isn’t a normal rehab center. Kalliroe took very good care of me and never slept just to make sure i was taken care of always, especially through the tough times in the beginning, and she always made me feel like I was at home and took care of everything for me.After I started feeling better she also took me some of the best cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions. I initially reserved for only 1 week due to hesitation, but I ended up extending another 2 weeks since I was having so much fun, until I had to return due to work but by the end it was like a vacation. Kalliroe and I have built a very good friendship and she still texts me most days to make sure I’m clean and to catch up, as she does with all her clients.Health is more important than anything, and without a healthy and clear mind you’re never going to accomplish any of your dreams & goals, trust me i’ve tried for too long. My advice is don’t think twice and take the next step to start a new chapter in your life.All i can say for myself is that this was the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel like a new person with a new second life.

M - 5stars 2020 (45 days) • Reviewed December 30th, 2020

Former Client
Prescription Drugs

Reaching out to Marieva’s healthcare was the most important and best decision of my life. During my recovery the professional team gave me the support I needed with warm care. I was very impressed by the professionalism. My life has become so much better and I am forever grateful. I highly recommend Marieva healthcare because my stay there gave me a new life and a second home.

YT – 5 stars 2020 (90 days) • Reviewed March 15th, 2020

Former Client – Chemical – Engineer – Panama
Alcohol | Anxiety | Depression

My experience at Marieva Healthcare was amazing. It is impossible to compare their experience and professional treatments based on my needs. I used to suffer from alcohol disorder and panic attacks resulting to neurological damages in my central nervous system. Another thing I would like to point out is that the exclusive one to one treatment is the best option for full recovery. I am glad and satisfied with the experience and the dream team that helped me fully recover. I am grateful and I fully recommended.

Sas – 5 stars 2021 (90 days) • Reviewed May 29th, 2021

Loved One of a Former Client – Abu Dhabi
Depression | Eating Disorder

I would like to talk about my experience in Marieva’s Healthcare Rehab. First of all you have your own chef it was a diet food but didn’t felt it it is so delicious, your own room, and you have a massage 3 kind of massage. First of massage makes relaxing and the other one is for nerves and another one with stones that fixes the nerves system. You also have yoga the most I love is the yoga it’s a different yoga spiritual yoga it makes you relax and go to another dimension and after that you feel so energetic. You also have exercise and you’re on shift and you have miss Kallirroe Fragkou watching you and taking care of you talking to you and you have your own doctor normal and psychologist. Now I would like to talk about my experience there first of all I went there for an eating disorder and very serious depression and suicidal thoughts. It was hard in the beginning but I felt so relaxed and also you have your own housekeeper. I feel like I’m in a big family they all give you love and support and dare all talk to you I can feel the kindness in every person there I will never forget the support I had from the chef or from miss Kallirroe. You don’t feel like you’re in the hospital or rehab you feel free you can go out you can go to restaurants or coffee shops and walk to the beach or shopping. The medication has really help me to change I went to lot of rehabs but this is different you feel love you feel free you feel like you are with your own family. Trust me I don’t want to go home back I am from Abu Dhabi I miss my family but I was in love with the treatment and the place with the peace there and the care I had it was like I was in a black hole and then I went up to the sun. I can make my own decisions now I feel am my back to myself. I will never forget the help I had or the support and love. I would really like to thank Marieva‘s healthcare and all of the staff there and when I went back to Home My family was surprised ab.

Hungry Mouse – 5 stars 2022 (60 days) • Reviewed January 25th, 2023

Former Client – Greece
Cocaine | Anxiety | Depression | Personality Disorder | PTSD

Unfortunately after several years of abstinence I relapsed in September (2022) during a stressful period, culminating in a very large dosage of cocaine in the week before discovering Marieva. My supportive and long suffering wife insisted I was in a crisis and we looked around for immediate patient intake rehab clinics the day afterwards. I have had experience with rehab centers in the past (in the UK) and I must say this experience at Marieva is nothing like those. First of all, she puts her heart and soul into her work. You are not a client; you are a patient/friend. The actual support network is conducted by Kalliroe: Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Masseur, Pathologist. But Kalliroe is the Alpha and the Omega and runs the show. She monitors you and gives you feedback on your progress on a daily basis.The fact that the institution is only 1-1 is very special. It means ALL the attention goes onto you and she will not rest until you are ‘fixed’. She makes you feel unique and has the mental space to focus only on YOU. It’s like being in a supportive home. The fact that I was allowed to work (for a few hours a day) remotely relieved me immensely as obviously I had concerns with how my job would be effected. She even spoke to 2 or 3 of my team managers and smoothed out any concerns that might have been developing there from a legal/procedural point of view!In short, Kalliroe goes above and beyond what is expected from a therapist. The fact that she is a professional Pharmacologist gives different insights to all the other therapies I had tried in my life before, but the team is on hand to give a holistic view and develop the story of the underlying issues we may all have (Anxiety? Depression? Aggression/violence?).I can tell you that right now I feel confident to face the world again. My future feels bright again.

R.H. – 5 stars 2021 (30 days) • Reviewed March 23rd, 2021

Former Client – Cyprus
Depression | Eating Disorder

Where can I begin and where can I finish. From the moment I had decided to help myself I was immediately supported by the CEO by calls and texts every day until I reached the day of my new chapter in life (therapy start). I was greeted with love and compassion and with open arms. The team makes you feel like you belong to a group, a family where they all strive to motivate you and help you get better by always being next to you in whatever you need. My case was treated with caution but with great understanding and care and never left alone or left to feel unwanted. The centre has everything at your feet and you feel like royalty anytime of the day. Everything was very soothing for me and I recharged my batteries for sure and fought very hard to get back on track and start a brand new beginning in these difficult times. I want to say big thank you to all the staff and team members who helped and a big thank you the CEO Kalliroi who was next to me 24/7 and still is after treatment. They saved me.

M. H. – 5 stars 2020 (45 days) • Reviewed January 9th, 2021

Former Client – Lebanon
Prescription Drugs

The team is exceptional and extremely professional. The accommodation was very convenient; I was treated like family and the atmosphere was great. Thanks to Marieva Healthcare my life has changed. I am forever grateful.

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