The management team

Kallirroe Fragkou / CEO - Pharmacologist

Her comprehensive coursework in the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science provided her with invaluable laboratory research skills, leading to her employment as a Research Assistant in the Immunology Department at the University of Sussex, Brighton, in 2004. Her professional journey also includes a role as a medical sales representative, specializing in Remynil and Topamac, for JANSSEN-CILAG, a multinational pharmaceutical company with a subsidiary in Greece.

However, her career in pharmacology had to be put on hold due to a heart-wrenching experience involving her daughter’s health. Her daughter, Marieva, was diagnosed with malignancy at just one year old and embarked on a courageous battle for her life. Over the course of five years, Kalliroe Fragkou confronted her own struggles with depression and anxiety disorders. Discovering the inner strength to overcome these challenging phases became a transformative experience, equipping her with newfound resilience.

Kallirroe Fragkou, characterized by her unwavering determination, inherent compassion, and a bright spirit, was inspired to channel her life experiences into helping others grappling with addictive behaviors and mental health issues. This inspiration led to the creation of Marieva’s Healthcare Center. Today, Mrs. Fragkou possesses over five years of profound expertise in providing one-on-one treatments to those in need.

Nikolaos Chougkaz / Center Administrator

Mr. Chougkaz’s significant international security studies background, coupled with his extensive experience in security management, makes a substantial contribution to the remarkable results achieved by Marieva Healthcare. 

In addition to his undergraduate studies in Strategy Security Management and Criminal Psychology, he holds an engineering degree, earned through volunteer work with the Greek Army Navy. Furthermore, he is an accomplished article writer, specializing in topics related to high-risk situations and security management.

His profound expertise in high-risk management is complemented by his proficiency in martial arts. Mr. Chougkaz has actively participated in projects for esteemed organizations such as the Greek Red Cross, the Greek Center of Defense, the Israel Security Academy, and Tactical Consulting International.

Ultimately, his pivotal role in Marieva Healthcare’s sustainable progress and development is undeniable.

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