Marieva Healthcare

Affiliations / Partnerships


Marieva’s Healthcare has established a robust partnership with IASO & IASO General Hospitals to provide top-notch healthcare services, that can complement our treatments – when needed:

IASO Maternity Gynecology Clinic:

Since its inception in 1996, IASO has been recognized as Europe’s largest maternity and gynecology clinic and Greece’s premier private hospital. With an annual delivery rate of approximately 10,000 and a reputation for excellence, IASO is the preferred choice for expectant parents. Collaborating with over 1,700 obstetricians/gynecologists, it houses Europe’s largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Greece’s most extensive Breast Center, and a leading Assisted Reproduction (IVF) Unit known as the Institute of Life – IASO.

IASO ensures a unique maternity experience, continuously enhancing services in a completely secure environment. The clinic boasts cutting-edge medical technology, maintains the highest standards in healthcare, and introduces innovative methods. Supported by a team of expert obstetricians/gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatologists, pediatricians, and specialists, it offers medical care to women and newborns with the utmost safety. Experienced midwives and nursing staff make invaluable contributions to patient care.

IASO Maternity Gynecology Clinic Highlights:

– Largest Maternity and Gynecology Clinic in Europe.
– Greece’s largest private hospital.
– Europe’s largest Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
– Largest Breast Center in Greece.
– Expertise in Gynecologic Oncology.
– Leading Assisted Reproduction (IVF) Unit in Europe.
– The only Center for Placenta Accreta Spectrum in Greece.
– Internationally acclaimed medical professionals.
– Fully qualified nursing staff.
– State-of-the-art medical equipment.
– Focus on scientific research and innovation.
– Comprehensive medical services, available 24/7.
– Extensive bed capacity and modern facilities.
– Renovated Delivery Room with advanced obstetrics facilities.
– Fully equipped operating rooms and endoscopy rooms.

IASO General Clinic:

IASO General Clinic offers integrated healthcare services, prioritizing patient safety, and employing the latest diagnostic and treatment methods. Equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology and staffed by leading doctors across various medical specialties, it is a renowned institution providing high-quality healthcare to individuals of all ages. The clinic is committed to delivering comprehensive medical treatment, focusing on healing, relieving, and improving patients’ health.

IASO General Clinic Features:

– Highest hospitalization standards.
– Leading associate physicians.
– Highly qualified nursing staff.
– Cutting-edge medical technology.
– Advanced diagnostic and treatment methods.
– Digital operating rooms.
– State-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
– Outpatient Clinics catering to all medical specialties.
– Modern Check-up Department.
– Contemporary nursing wards.
– Affiliation with EOPYY and private insurance companies.
– Comprehensive medical treatment available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Marieva’s Healthcare diagnostic center collaborates with IASO General Clinic, ensuring the highest standards of safety during all medical procedures, from routine exams to complex treatments. Patients can expect a superior healthcare experience, with a strong commitment to their well-being and health improvement.

In summary, Marieva’s Healthcare, in partnership with IASO & IASO General Hospitals, offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art healthcare services across various specialties, all delivered by expert medical professionals, with an unwavering commitment to patient safety and well-being, always under our personal supervision.



Our center, Marieva HealthCare, started a collaboration with the first Greek, international specifications Accredited DNA analysis and identification laboratory, the European Institute for Genetics and DNA Identification, DNAlogy SA.

DNAlogy, the European Institute for Genetics and DNA Identification, was established in 2009 in Athens by the most important European scientific team in DNA analysis and profiling, the team of the French of laboratories IGNA (Institut Génétique Nantes Atlantique), the first one to perform DNA profiling in France, which remains until this day a pioneer in the provision of forensic services throughout the world. Laboratories’ certificates and accreditations are the best guarantee for the reliability of the results. DNAlogy laboratories are accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) (cert. no 892-4) according to the quality standard ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025 for forensic DNA analysis tests (detection of biological material, analysis and profiling of DNA) and for DNA tests for establishment of biological relationship.

Toxicological Analyses

Hair Toxicological Analyses – Drug/ pharmaceutical substances and alcohol testing

Hair toxicological analysis allows investigation of consumption in earlier periods as well as determination of the user profile: occasional user, daily user, etc., while it is possible to precisely determine the amount of grams consumed per week or month for most drug and pharmaceutical substances. For any substance detection, about 7 days are required for its decomposition and transfer to the hair through blood circulation. For sample collection, you will receive our special collection kit DNAlogy Hair Drug Test Kit®.

Urine Toxicological Analyses – Detection of drugs, pharmaceutical substances and alcohol in urine

Urine toxicological analyses are performed in order to determine whether someone has recently used drugs. DNAlogy MultiUrine Test is a new and advanced method for the simultaneous detection of 29 drug / pharmaceutical substances, and alcohol in urine samples. It is a highly sensitive technology that detects each substance quantitatively as well as its metabolites, while the test requires a very small amount of urine (only 400μl). For the transportation of the sample the special collection kit, DNAlogy Urine Drug Test Kit® is provided.