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Treatment Costs

Our Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

Treatments Costs

1. Individual Therapy**
The journey towards healing begins with a personalized assessment and evaluation. As each week unfolds, we meticulously reassess and adapt the treatment plan to
ensure your progress.

– Explore options for 1-on-2 and 1-on-3 therapies; prices available upon request.

2. Post-Therapy Follow-Up**
Continuing your path to recovery:

**On-Site 1-Week Follow-Up 

This inclusive program consists of:
– Intravenous Therapy
– Vital Blood Examinations
– Medication Administration
– Timely Supplement Delivery
– 24/7 Therapeutic Support
– Psychotherapy Sessions
– On-Site Assessments with our Therapists

**Online 1-3 Months Follow-Up (Pricing Available Upon Request)**
This virtual support system includes:

– Online Meditation and Yoga Sessions
– A Range of Tailored Online Therapies to Suit Your Needs

– 24/7 Remote Supervision by Our Pharmacologist (Available Via TC)
– Weekly Online Psychiatrist Counselling

Additionally, our pharmacologist can offer in-home support, upon request from the patient or
their family.

3. Detoxification Package (15 Days, Pricing Available Upon Request)**
Embark on a transformative detox journey. Please inquire for specific pricing details.

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