Marieva Healthcare

I am a young man from Syria and I live in Athens. I have a family and two children. I have been involved in drugs (cocaine) for about two years and I have made many attempts to quit
drugs because it started destroying my life and my family by following up on many doctors and specialists, but to no avail, until one of those close to me told me about the Marieva
Center under the supervision of Ms. Caleroy, and indeed I went to the center, and from the moment I arrived, I was suspicious of hope.

The staff and Ms. Caleroy were very kind and took my decision to enter the center. I noticed a big difference after only a few days because of the wonderful attention from Ms. Caleroy and her staff. I felt that I was in my home and among my family because of the dedication to work and the medical and psychological follow-up and high luxury and indeed after one month I was able to quit cocaine completely, thanks to Mrs. Caleroy and her dedicated staff, and I did not feel that I was in a sanatorium. There were many activities, trips and high interest.

After I left the center, Ms. Claroy kept in constant and daily contact with me by phone and in weekly meetings to check on the stability of my situation. Indeed, Ms. Claroy has brought me back to my normal life and my family. All thanks and appreciation for Marieva Center and for all the staff under the supervision of Ms. Caleroy. All words of thanks and appreciation do not express how much I thank this wonderful staff.


Loved One of a Former Client || Greece