Marieva Healthcare

I would like to talk about my experience in Marieva’s Healthcare Rehab.

First of all you have your own chef it was a diet food but didn’t felt it it is so delicious, your own room, and you have a massage 3 kind of massage. First of massage makes relaxing and the other one is for nerves and another one with stones that fixes the nerves system. You also have yoga the most I love is the yoga it’s a different yoga spiritual yoga it makes you relax and go to another dimension and after that you feel so energetic. You also have exercise and you’re on shift and you have miss Kallirroe Fragkou watching you and taking care of you talking to you and you have your own doctor normal and psychologist. Now I would like to talk about my experience there first of all I went there for an eating disorder and very serious depression and suicidal thoughts.

It was hard in the beginning but I felt so relaxed and also you have your own housekeeper. I feel like I’m in a big family they all give you love and support and dare all talk to you I can feel the kindness in every person there I will never forget the support I had from the chef or from miss Kallirroe. You don’t feel like you’re in the hospital or rehab you feel free you can go out you can go to restaurants or coffee shops and walk to the beach or shopping. The medication has really help me to change I went to lot of rehabs but this is different you feel love you feel free you feel like you are with your own family.

Trust me I don’t want to go home back I am from Abu Dhabi I miss my family but I was in love with the treatment and the place with the peace there and the care I had it was like I was in a black hole and then I went up to the sun. I can make my own decisions now I feel am my back to myself. I will never forget the help I had or the support and love. I would really like to thank Marieva‘s healthcare and all of the staff there and when I went back to Home My family was surprised ab.


Loved One of a Former Client || Abu Dhabi