Marieva Healthcare

Where can I begin and where can I finish. From the moment I had decided to help myself I was immediately supported by the CEO by calls and texts every day until I reached the day of my new chapter in life (therapy start).

I was greeted with love and compassion and with open arms. The team makes you feel like you belong to a group, a family where they all strive to motivate you and help you get better by always being next to you in whatever you need. My case was treated with caution but with great understanding and care and never left alone or left to feel unwanted. The centre has everything at your feet and you feel like royalty anytime of the day. Everything was very soothing for me and I recharged my batteries for sure and fought very hard to get back on track and start a brand new beginning in these difficult times.

I want to say big thank you to all the staff and team members who helped and a big thank you the CEO Kalliroi who was next to me 24/7 and still is after treatment. They saved me.


Former Client || Cyprus