Marieva Healthcare

My experience at Marieva Healthcare was one of a lifetime. I reached Marieva Healthcare because I had depression and anxiety disorder, which made me feel powerless, extremely sensible and pessimistic about my future. The CEO, Fragkou Kallirroe with her professional team surrounded me with love and affection.

Following the right and personalized treatment for my condition, I began to feel strong and confident again. Kallirroe Fragkou is a very supporting and trustworthy professional with strong scientific studies and knowledge that approaches every person in a unique manner, that makes you feel unique. Marieva Healthcare is in a peaceful and cosy location, with a magnificent view, which relaxes you.

Each treatment is personalised for your special condition. The food is delicious and tailored to your nutritional habits and needs. Completing my treatment and leaving Marieva Healthcare, I felt strong enough to continue my present life and to imagine my bright future with my family.


Former Client || Greece