Marieva Healthcare

Unfortunately after several years of abstinence I relapsed in September (2022) during a stressful period, culminating in a very large dosage of cocaine in the week before discovering Marieva. My supportive and long suffering wife insisted I was in a crisis and we looked around for immediate patient intake rehab clinics the day afterwards. I have had experience with rehab centers in the past (in the UK) and I must say this experience at Marieva is nothing like those.

First of all, she puts her heart and soul into her work. You are not a client; you are a patient/friend. The actual support network is conducted by Kalliroe: Psychiatrist, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Masseur, Pathologist. But Kalliroe is the Alpha and the Omega and runs the show. She monitors you and gives you feedback on your progress on a daily basis.The fact that the institution is only 1-1 is very special. It means ALL the attention goes onto you and she will not rest until you are ‘fixed’. She makes you feel unique and has the mental space to focus only on YOU. It’s like being in a supportive home. The fact that I was allowed to work (for a few hours a day) remotely relieved me immensely as obviously I had concerns with how my job would be effected. She even spoke to 2 or 3 of my team managers and smoothed out any concerns that might have been developing there from a legal/procedural point of view!In short, Kalliroe goes above and beyond what is expected from a therapist. The fact that she is a professional Pharmacologist gives different insights to all the other therapies I had tried in my life before, but the team is on hand to give a holistic view and develop the story of the underlying issues we may all have (Anxiety? Depression? Aggression/violence?).

I can tell you that right now I feel confident to face the world again. My future feels bright again.


Former Client || Greece