Marieva Healthcare

If you’re reading this then you’re probably be suffering with some sort of an issue (mental, drugs depression etc) that needs to be resolved. I had a drug issue and was very hesitant at
first in joining a rehab center since where I live people usually have a stigma and a bad image of rehab centers. However, this isn’t a normal rehab center.

Kalliroe took very good care of me and never slept just to make sure i was taken care of always, especially through the tough times in the beginning, and she always made me feel like I was at home and took care of everything for me.After I started feeling better she also took me some of the best cafes, restaurants and tourist attractions. I initially reserved for only 1 week due to hesitation, but I ended up extending another 2 weeks since I was having so much fun, until I had to return due to work but by the end it was like a vacation. Kalliroe and I have built a very good friendship and she still texts me most days to make sure I’m clean and to catch up, as she does with all her clients.Health is more important than anything, and without a healthy and clear mind you’re never going to accomplish any of your dreams & goals, trust me i’ve tried for too long.

My advice is don’t think twice and take the next step to start a new chapter in your life.All i can say for myself is that this was the best decision I’ve ever  made. I feel like a new person with a new second life.


Former Client || Dubai