Dr. Barbara Dogiami was born and raised in Athens and lives permanently in Panorama Galatsi. Graduated from the German School of Athens she was accepted in 1998 with a scholarship to the Medical School of the University of Patras, from which she graduated in 2004. Grade: Very good.

She worked as a rural practitioner at the Molai Health Center ,the Laconia Hospital and due to the immediate desire to acquire a specialty, she began her specialization in Special Pathology the St. Barbara Hospital in Gladbeck, Germany for one year.

She continued her specialization at the University Hospital S. Josefund St Elisabeth hospital – Katholisches klinikum in Bochum, Germany, where she also received the title of Special Pathologist.

In recent years she has been the registrar A’ both in the Pathology and the Geriatric Clinic of the same hospital.

In addition, she holds a PhD in University of Bochum.

She specializes in Geriatrics, Nutrition, Ultrasound in Pathology, titles recognized by the respective European scientific societies and her participation in numerous seminars, conferences, symposia etc denotes her engagement in continuing education.