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The modern age in which we live is characterized by complexity and constant changes. As a result, more and more people are suffering from mental and physical illnesses due to the pressures of everyday life. A key factor for being healthy is the constant hydration of the body along with the essential peace of mind. We live in a difficult period of pandemic COVID -19 and we must now more than ever make sure that we take care of our mind, body and soul. CEO Fragkou Kallirroe and her associates provide personalised treatments for each client, adapting one’s recovery program to his or her medical needs. Our treatment lasts for four hours in our specially designed and relaxing areas, taking place either in the morning or in the afternoon.


Whether you seek to lift your immune system, or you suffer from a chronic condition, Marieva healthcare has designed a treatment that contains all the essential ingredients needed for your optimal health.


Do you feel that you are not sleeping properly? That your physical and mental stress affect your daily life? This treatment helps to restore your composure as well as reduce both mental and physical fatigue.


Helps maintain and restore your body’s natural balance. The combination of multivitamins will help to restore balance in your mind, body and soul.


Helps enhance the FERTILITY of both women and men by injecting nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. We provide a special package of treatments and examinations for the better rehabilitation of women and men.

Marieva’s Package

Treatment that focuses on the impact of mental and physical disorders. Offers a successful recovery by focusing on the overall picture of health, providing comprehensive psychological and emotional support.

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